A familiar scam has recently been reported in the region.  It's called the Grandparent Scam.  A person posing as a grandchild targets an elderly person to try and convince them they are indeed their grandchild, in trouble - usually in a foreign country - and needs a substantial sum of money, to get out of trouble.

Authorities say these scammers rely on the good-nature of the elderly, and their desire to act quickly.   Law enforcement professionals advise against doing so, and make every effort to contact the child by other means.   Better Business Bureau spokesman Chris Thetford says these scammers have been known to use social media to prepare their pitch.

Thetford comments

He says if you get a call or e-mail from someone claiming to be a grandchild in trouble, double-check their story.  This scam has been around since about 2008, and has continually evolved.

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