Harold Washington was still mayor of Chicago when he died in 1987. And for the second time, his words are being used against Gov. Pat Quinn. Washington told an interviewer his biggest regret was hiring Quinn as finance director for the city, characterizing him as disorganized and obsessed with his own public relations.  Dan Hynes used the statement in a commercial in the 2010 Democratic primary.  Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee, is using the same statement now.


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“Well, consider the source,” Quinn said of Rauner when asked about the commercial.  “We're talking about a person who, on his executive staff, had zero African-Americans out of 51 people.  We're also talking about my opponent, who wants to eliminate the minimum wage (and) doesn't want to provide care under the Affordable Care Act.”

Quinn said in his final conversation with Washington, the mayor called him his friend and said someday they’d have a drink “about this.”

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