Two Januarys ago, it was an income tax increase. This year, it could be a pension restructuring package that passes the Illinois General Assembly under the cover of night.    House Minority Leader Tom Cross says he believes Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) has the power to influence that sort of vote, which needs only a simple majority now that Jan. 1 has passed.

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“He can do whatever he wants,” Cross said of Madigan. “It’s a political issue. It’s an attempt not to rile up different constituency groups. It’s kind of a common theme of ‘delay until after the election.’ It’s a mistake, but I’m not shocked by it.”    The Illinois Senate will be in session through Friday.  The House will meet Jan. 6-8.  The Senate will re-convene Jan. 8 if necessary to respond to House action. Inauguration for the new General Assembly is at noon on Jan. 9.


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