A former student at SIU-Edwardsville that was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of making a terrorist threat in 2011 may soon be a free man.   Prosecutors say 27-year-old Olutosin Oduwole (pictured) was planning a campus shooting spree, while his defense says he was an aspiring rap music artist.  An Illinois appellate court says that since the paper that allegedly threatened the violence was in a locked car and that there was no attempt to send or communicate the message, there was no threat.

That note found inside Oduwole's car was a key piece of evidence, along with a handgun found in his apartment.  The note said he wanted $50,000 donated to a Pay-Pal account or a murderous rampage would result on the SIUE campus, similar to the shootings of several years ago on the Virginia Tech campus.  Prosecutors are now looking at their options, which could include an appeal to the state Supreme Court.

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