If you have an an outstanding traffic or ordinance violation warrant you need to address, the Alton Police Department is giving you a chance to avoid jail time.  Just come to the Alton Law Enforcement Center between 9am and noon tomorrow, July 20th.   You will be able to discuss the matter with Madison County Judges, Assistant State's Attorneys, Deputy Circuit Clerks, and prosecutors being brought in for the special event.

Alton Police Chief Jake Simmons is inviting anyone that needs to catch a break to take advantage of Amnesty Day.

Simmons comments

He says if you simply can't afford to pay your fine, there are ways to work off your debt.

Simmons comments

More than 150 people turned out for Amnesty Day a couple of years ago and he hopes they eclipse 200 this year.  Bring any paperwork you have regarding the offenses and to bring a photo ID, because they will not work out any payment plan or other agreement without verifying your identity.  If you have any questions, call the Alton Police Department at 463-3505

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