It’s National Air Quality Awareness Week and there’s something everyone is being encouraged to do.   This week has been designated to help educate the public about air quality concerns and encourage residents to regularly check their local air quality forecast.  While Air Quality Awareness Week is a national effort, state and local programs provide Illinois residents with information and choices specific to our state and our communities.
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Illinois residents are encouraged to become “aware about air” during the week, and on Friday, residents are encouraged to reduce their contribution to air pollution.
  • Turn off that light switch and lower the thermostat.
  • Reduce pollution from your car. Use public transit if possible.
  • If you must drive, don’t drive alone, carpool.
  • Keep your car properly maintained especially tire pressure.
  • Fill your gas tank during cooler evening hours.
Residents are also being encouraged to sign up for air quality alerts at and for smartphone users, Throughout the year, there are days when air quality could pose potential health risks such as asthma and lung problems due to weather conditions, high ozone levels, or other conditions. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency says knowing the air quality can help you better plan your day and avoid potentially unhealthy conditions.
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