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Rated: PG13.

A retired police officer struggling with personal tragedy accepts a job as a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a Christian high school, and faces the challenge of a lifetime when he agrees to investigate the homicide of [[Performer~P366849~Jesus Christ~jesuschrist]]. Sergeant James Buanacore (Wade Williams) was on the force for nearly 20 years when a botched drug bust ended in the death of the prime suspect, and an innocent pedestrian. Subsequently forced into early retirement, Buanacore falls into a deep depression after his wife suffers a late-term miscarriage that causes him to question his faith. In the months that follow Buanacore descends further into despair, but that cloud begins to lift when his brother, a famous movie star, lands him a job interview at a local Christian school. Before long Buanacore is teaching criminal justice, and whipping the school's baseball team into shape. Things are starting to look up when his students begin to question his cut-and-dried approach to the material, which leads the devoted teacher to accept the challenge of investigating the tragic murder at the center of the Christian faith. Meanwhile, the evidence he unearths may just be enough to get Buanacore back on the righteous path. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Rated: NR.

Filmmaker [[Performer~P204567~Danielle Gardner~daniellegardner]] tells the remarkable story of prominent Wall Street bond-trading company Cantor Fitzgerald, which suffered more loss of life than any other business in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and has struggled to rebuild ever since. Intimate interviews with Cantor Fitzgerald CEO [[Performer~P724584~Howard Lutnick~howardlutnik]], surviving employees, and family members of the deceased offer an intensely personal look at the effects of the tragedy that sent shock waves around the entire world. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Rated: PG13.

[[Performer~P107926~Ivan Reitman~ivanreitman]]'s Draft Day stars [[Performer~P15189~Kevin Costner~kevincostner]] as Sonny Weaver Jr., the GM of the Cleveland Browns. With 13 hours until the beginning of the NFL draft, Sonny is informed by the team's owner ([[Performer~P40453~Frank Langella~franklangella]]) that if Sonny doesn't make a splash and generate ticket sales, he's going to be fired. That prompts the GM to take a trade offer from another team that gives him the first pick in the draft, in exchange for three furure first-round picks. The move outrages the Browns' head coach, and forces all of the team's scouts to dig up what they can find about the pick everyone, including the owner, expects them to make -- a highly touted QB from Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Weaver is drawn to a talented linebacker who has family issues to deal with and is known for having a hot temper. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Rated: R.

[[Performer~P522964~Richard Ayoade~richardayoade]]'s stylized adaptation of [[Performer~P309039~Fyodor Dostoevsky~fyodordostoyevsky]]'s novella The Double stars [[Performer~P311020~Jesse Eisenberg~jesseeisenberg]] as Simon James, a meek office drone who bumbles his way through his day, forever pining for a pretty girl ([[Performer~P476869~Mia Wasikowska~miawasikowska]]) who lives near him and working hard for a boss ([[Performer~P64973~Wallace Shawn~wallaceshawn]]) who doesn't see any of his accomplishments. One day Simon discovers that he has a new co-worker, James Simon (also [[Performer~P311020~Eisenberg~jesseeisenberg]]), who looks just like him and possesses all of the confidence and charisma that Simon lacks. Simon befriends this new person, and soon the put-upon man is asserting himself. However, he begins to fear he's becoming just another pawn in James' relentless self-interests. The Double screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Rated: PG13.

[[Performer~P62990~Adam Sandler~adamsandler]] and [[Performer~P4289~Drew Barrymore~drewbarrymore]] reunite with [[Feature~V160501~Wedding Singer~theweddingsinger]] director [[Performer~P235850~Frank Coraci~frankcoraci]] for this Warner Bros. romantic comedy about a terrible blind date that segues into a nightmare family vacation. Lauren ([[Performer~P4289~Barrymore~drewbarrymore]]) and Jim ([[Performer~P62990~Sandler~adamsandler]]) are two single parents just looking for love. In the wake of a blind date that turns disastrous, both agree that they're better off single. Just when Lauren and Jim thought they would never see each other again, however, their two families end up at the same African safari resort for spring break. Could it possibly be that their relationship is so crazy it just might work? [[Performer~P52034~Kevin Nealon~kevinnealon]], [[Performer~P197274~Shaquille O'Neal~shaquilleoneal]], [[Performer~P279136~Terry Crews~terrycrews]], and [[Performer~P375237~Joel McHale~joelmchale]] co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Rated: PG.

[[Feature~V484126~Glee~glee[tvseries]]] star [[Performer~P627004~Lea Michele~leamichele]] slips on the ruby slippers for this animated 3D musical update of [[Feature~V55014~The Wizard of Oz~thewizardofoz]], directed by [[Performer~P413464~Daniel St. Pierre~danielstpierre]] and written by [[Performer~P479968~Adam Balsam~adambalsam]], [[Performer~P663116~Randi Barnes~randibarnes]], and [[Performer~P201848~Barry Glasser~barryglasser]]. Kansas has been devastated by tornadoes. Returning home to find the farm in ruins, young Dorothy is transported back to Oz, and embarks on a quest to save her old friends the Lion ([[Performer~P207038~Jim Belushi~jimbelushi]]), the Scarecrow ([[Performer~P80282~Dan Aykroyd~danaykroyd]]), and the Tin Man ([[Performer~P28139~Kelsey Grammer~kelseygrammer]]). [[Performer~P57054~Oliver Platt~oliverplatt]], [[Performer~P301922~Hugh Dancy~hughdancy]], [[Performer~P537628~Megan Hilty~meganhilty]], and [[Performer~P65439~Martin Short~martinshort]] also contribute voices for an epic fantasy featuring music by [[Performer~P79018~Bryan Adams~bryanadams]] and [[Performer~P115008~Jim Vallance~jimvallance]]. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Rated: PG.

Set in 18th century England and based on a real story, Amma Asante's Belle stars relative Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the title character - full name, Dido Elizabeth Belle. She is the illegitimate, mixed-race daughter of British Admiral Sir John Lindsay and a black woman he had an affair with while serving overseas. Lindsay brings her to his uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) who along with his wife Lady Mansfield (mily Watson) are already raising Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon), another niece the same age as Dido. Though Lady Mansfield fears scandal having a dark-skinned child as part of the home, Dido's father reminds them that his daughter does have the right to live there because of her lineage, and Lord Mansfield, a Lord Chief Justice of Britain, agrees. Belle and Elizabeth quickly become best friends, and when they come of age each begins courting suitors. Elizabeth is pursued by James Ashford (Tom Felton), a smarmy and racist manipulator who wants to marry her in order to please his equally conniving mother (Miranda Richardson) by increasing his own family's wealth and standing, while Dido proves alluring to James' brother Oliver (James Norton). However Dido's deepest affections are for John Davinier (Sam Reid), an idealistic young lawyer who is trying to sway Lord Mansfield on a crucial case before the high court that will have profound implications for Britain's slave trade. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

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