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1 Day, Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide Earthquakes

25 Earthquakes

8km SW of Pawnee, Oklahoma

A 3.7 earthquake at 2015-07-04T01:05:23.080Z

Owen Fracture Zone region

A 4.7 earthquake at 2015-07-04T00:44:37.780Z

60km NNE of Anatahan, Northern Mariana Islands

A 4.9 earthquake at 2015-07-03T23:11:30.530Z

76km S of Kiska Volcano, Alaska

A 2.8 earthquake at 2015-07-03T19:56:51.000Z

95km NNE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands

A 3.2 earthquake at 2015-07-03T18:25:24.000Z

116km NNE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands

A 3.3 earthquake at 2015-07-03T18:07:02.600Z

149km ENE of Samarai, Papua New Guinea

A 4.9 earthquake at 2015-07-03T15:54:13.550Z

Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

A 4.9 earthquake at 2015-07-03T15:36:01.290Z

32km SSE of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

A 2.5 earthquake at 2015-07-03T14:45:47.000Z

65km NE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands

A 2.9 earthquake at 2015-07-03T11:41:38.600Z

105km SW of Amukta Island, Alaska

A 2.7 earthquake at 2015-07-03T11:17:56.000Z

17km ESE of Medford, Oklahoma

A 3.1 earthquake at 2015-07-03T10:43:54.560Z

42km N of Culebra, Puerto Rico

A 3 earthquake at 2015-07-03T10:27:24.600Z

49km NNW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia

A 4.7 earthquake at 2015-07-03T08:38:33.220Z

22km NW of Santa Monica, Philippines

A 6.1 earthquake at 2015-07-03T06:43:22.040Z

19km W of Perry, Oklahoma

A 3.8 earthquake at 2015-07-03T05:19:31.810Z

68km NNW of Amukta Island, Alaska

A 4.2 earthquake at 2015-07-03T04:18:25.600Z

6km W of Cobb, California

A 2.6 earthquake at 2015-07-03T03:57:01.180Z

6km WNW of Cobb, California

A 2.83 earthquake at 2015-07-03T03:56:58.210Z

246km E of Port Blair, India

A 5.8 earthquake at 2015-07-03T03:16:35.820Z

107km SE of Yilkiqi, China

A 4.8 earthquake at 2015-07-03T03:11:12.650Z

77km ESE of Yilkiqi, China

A 4.6 earthquake at 2015-07-03T02:37:26.270Z

239km E of Port Blair, India

A 4.8 earthquake at 2015-07-03T02:20:31.920Z

Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

A 4.5 earthquake at 2015-07-03T02:12:48.500Z

83km SE of Yilkiqi, China

A 4.7 earthquake at 2015-07-03T01:44:45.040Z

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