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NEW - Masonic Heirloom Family Bible


This Bible is Still in factory shrinkwrapand has never been opened. The retail price was $112.95.

If you have any questions about this bible please contact us. Phone # 618-452-4114.

The new Masonic Master reference edition. The Beacon Light of Masonry. Prepared especially to reveal the scriptural sources of Masonic Philosophy and the relation of Masonry to the Holy Bible. King James Version. For every mason. York Rite. Royal Arch Mason. Council R.S.M. Commandery K.T. Scottish Rite. Consistory to 33 degree. Highly endorsed by the Masonic Fraternity and Laymen.

Blue Padded Cover Word of Christ in Red

Gold Gilded Page Edges

Family Record Pages

Blue Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite & Eastern Star Membership Pages

Biblical Index to Freemasonry

Questions and Anwers on Freemasonry

This Bible has all the features which make it a complete Masonic Reference Bible, a treasure of Biblical and Masonic information. Scriptural sources of Masonic Philosophy and the relation of Masonry to the Holy Bible are revealed. Included is full information about Solomon's Temple and a comprehensive review of the Order of the Eastern Star. This great Bible contains over 50 special pages profusely illustrated with full-color reproductions by the old masters of religious art including Masonic Record pages and Family Record pages. It has many separate sections of Bible references and study helps. The special design of this Bible makes it easy for every member of the family to obtain a better knowledge and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

This very nice bible is price at only $50.00

Please view my other items on Riverbender.com by typing in HLB in the search box.

call (618) 452-4114
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