The campaign of mayoral candidate Brant Walker filed documents today in Madison County Circuit Court seeking judicial review of the Alton Municipal Officers Electoral Board’s decision to remove his name from the April ballot based on the objection filed by Alton attorney Donald Groshong.

The Walker campaign is asking the Circuit Court to reverse the decision of the Electoral Board based on the Board’s erroneous rejection of the evidence presented in the case that clearly shows mayoral candidate Brant Walker was not in arrears to the City of Alton at the time he filed his nominating petitions.

“We are confident that after reviewing the evidence in this case, the Circuit Court will reverse the Electoral Board’s erroneous decision to remove my name from the April ballot,” said Walker. “It is unfortunate that the members of Electoral Board, each of whom signed the Mayor’s nominating petitions, are using the current administration’s own incompetence with regard to city billing practices as their basis for removing my name from the ballot.”

“This whole case has been nothing more than a political circus instigated by the Mayor and his allies to prevent a free and fair election,” continued Walker. “It is clear that this administration has no confidence in its ability to win at the ballot box, so it has chosen to do everything in its power to deprive the citizens of Alton of their fundamental right to choose their leaders with their votes.”