We all go through tough times, but a local author has found ways to make the transition easier.  Broken and Transformed: Moving Beyond Life’s Difficult Times by Kristi Lemley, is a personal testimonial and an instructional book that helps people get through life’s toughest moments. Lemley is an Ordained Minister and the founder of Living Light Ministries.  She works as a counselor at WellSpring Resources in Alton.

“I wrote this book for people who may not be able to share their feelings or go to counseling, so they don’t feel so alone and so they recognize hope.”  Lemley said.

Broken and Transformed includes personal accounts from the author and others, in addition to advice on how to overcome obstacles and maintain hope.  The Broken and Transformed workbook provides exercises that strengthen both mental wellness and faith. Lemley said that her book and its companion workbook can help people recognize the healing qualities of self-reflection.

Broken and Transformed was published in December and is available for purchase on Amazon.com or at Lemley’s website: kristilemley.com.  For more information, contact Lemley at (618) 462-2331.     

Lemley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has 15 years of experience in substance abuse and counseling services.  She received her BS from Illinois State University and MSW from St. Louis University.  Lemley’s areas of specialty are trauma, substance abuse, dialectical behavioral therapy, and Christian counseling.


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